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Why Small wineries

We believe making wine is passion, hard work and love. All those elements are easier to find in small family wineries and that’s why we select them. 


why a. romani truffles

Alfredo Romani is not just a friend, he is also a well known truffle supplier amongst the top Michelin starred and fine dining restaurants in Greater London.

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why private chef

Passion for cooking has been always in my family and today I’m offering a private chef service to share it with you.

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INTERVIEW WITH A WINEMAKER - Cristoforo Aldrighetti - Aldrighetti

Marcello Muiesan

If you have a little knowledge of wine I guess you're quite familiar with the names Valpolicella or Amarone. Aldrighetti winery is run by two old brothers in the Valpolicella area close to Verona, amazingly small production using a traditional method but using environmentally friendly products, their wine can be considered Vegan even if not certified. Amongst Valpolicella, Ripasso, and Amarone they make the famous Recioto in just 500 bottles a year, a must-try red dessert wine.

RECIPES - Slow cooked rack of lamb with hazelnut cream, rainbow carrots and black truffle

Marcello Muiesan

You know how much I like to experiment with new techniques and here we are, this time I did sous vide rack of lamb, cooked at 56 degrees for 1.30 hours, the texture is incredible, soft and juicy, a must-try if you have all the equipment. Enjoy another cool recipe using a black truffle from Italy you can buy in our online shop.  

NEW ARRIVALS - Borgo San Daniele

Marcello Muiesan

Please welcome Borgo San Daniele, the latest gem added to our wine portfolio. Mauro and Alessandra Mauri are running this small biodynamic winery from 1990, in the northeast corner of Italy where the DOCs of the Collio and Friuli Isonzo meet. It is there that their wines are born.


Marcello Muiesan

Q. Tell us about yourself, why and when did you decide to become a wine producer? A. The turning point in my career a...

RECIPES - Lamb lettuce salad, edamame, courgettes, toasted pine nuts, sunflower seeds and black truffle

Marcello Muiesan

Are you looking for a way to enjoy a black truffle in a less conventional way? Here we are, today we prepared a nice vegan salad, something you can really enjoy as a light lunch in a spring or summer day. Pair it with a nice rose' from Olivier Coste and it will make your day.

INTERVIEW WITH A WINEMAKER - Thomas Buchmayer - Weingut Buchmayer

Marcello Muiesan

I had a pleasure to meet Thomas Buchmayer in a London wine fair last year, my first impression was of a wonderful person with a vision, make wines to reflect the tradition but at the same time preserve our planet working in symbiosis with Nature.  Weingut Buchmayer Grüner Veltliner, Blau Zweigelt, Gelber Traminer and Riesling, are all premium wines produced following the biodynamic guidelines and they received the Demeter Certificate in 2017. All available from our online shop, Weingut Buchmayer wines are the answer if you like to drink organic and natural.

ON THE SPOT - Barbera d'Alba D.O.C. "La Sconsolata" - Cantine del Glicine

Marcello Muiesan

Let's talk about our Barbera "la Sconsolata" from Cantina del Glicine, but this time we asked a well known London head sommelier to help us out describing this amazing wine available in our online shop. Alessia Ferrarello expertise comes from years of experience in fine dining and Michelin star restaurants, and when building a wine list she doesn't go for the obvious but always looking for something unique from all around the globe.

INTERVIEW WITH A WINEMAKER - Giorgio Vettoretti - Riva Caselle 16

Marcello Muiesan

When we talk about Prosecco, most of the people think about mass production, more affordable, less flavored, alternative to Champagne, the Valdobbiadene from Riva Caselle 16 hat you find in our online shop, are not. Giorgio Vettoretti produces premium Prosecco from single vineyards 100 years old vine, with tradition, eco-sustainability, and safeguarding of the territory. The Valdobbiadene from Riva Caselle 16 comes also in a luxury package because details are what makes a good product a great one.  


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