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Why Small wineries

We believe making wine is passion, hard work and love. All those elements are easier to find in small family wineries and that’s why we select them. 


why a. romani truffles

Alfredo Romani is not just a friend, he is also a well known truffle supplier amongst the top Michelin starred and fine dining restaurants in Greater London.

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why private chef

Passion for cooking has been always in my family and today I’m offering a private chef service to share it with you.

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RECIPES - Burrata with hazelnut soil, whisky scented Shimeji mushroom and black truffle

Marcello Muiesan

When I came to London more than 20 years ago everyone was eating mozzarella, nowadays it looks like it becomes out of fashion and all the top restaurants are serving burrata instead. At Wine&Truffles we're not usually following the rules but I love burrata and it surprisingly a good match with black truffle too so here's my recipe.

ON THE SPOT - Business in COVID-19 scenario

Marcello Muiesan

We're still open, we're still fighting to do it, and doing so we're supporting our small wineries and producers who are suffering from the COVID-19 scenario. To do so we're offering a 15% discount on any order of wine or truffle until the emergency ends, delivery straight to your home or office. Use code KILLCOVID19 at the checkout to apply the discount.

ON THE SPOT - Alicante Badass - Olivier Coste

Marcello Muiesan

Made with 100% Alicante Bouschet, Alicante Badass from Olivier Coste is another unique premium wine you can buy from our online shop. Sustainable and Organic, Olivier Coste wines are the true expression of the Languedoc terroir and a way to drink light and affordable wines preserving the planet.

RECIPES - Risotto with pumpkin and mascarpone cheese, pine nuts and black truffle "Pregiato"

Marcello Muiesan

The winter is almost over but there's still time to enjoy an exquisite pumpkin like the Delica one and of course the amazing ingredient such as the black truffle "Pregiato".  

ON THE SPOT - Gelber Traminer "Natural" - Waingut Buchmayer

Marcello Muiesan

Organic, biodynamic, natural, nowadays everyone is getting fussy about their drinking and even us we look at this aspect of the business even if we believe that great wines such as the Gelber Traminer "Natural" from Waingut Buchmayer, are not coming just from a specific way of farming but from the dedicated work of the people working in the winery.

RECIPES - Seared diver scallops, hazelnut cream and black truffle "Pregiato"

Marcello Muiesan

On my quest to create a fish dish which could be served with fresh black truffle I had to think about my experience as a food lover and the many places I ate in my life. This dish is a mix of my love for shellfish, in this case, scallops, a wonderful product you can buy in London too which is black truffle, and a sauce I tried for the first time in a restaurant in Bologna a few years ago.

NEW ARRIVALS - Weingut Buchmayer

Marcello Muiesan

Weingut Buchmayer is our latest addition to our small winery quality portfolio. This small, authentic, Austrian family has been making wine since 1767 from classic regional varietals such as Grüner Veltliner and Blau Zweigelt.  

RECIPES - Trofie with 'Nduja sauce, gorgonzola foam, breadcrumbs, and fennel seeds

Marcello Muiesan

The first time I had a chance to taste the ‘Nduja I was in the Army, one of my colleagues, who was originally from Calabria, every time he was going home on a leave he was always brought back this spicy, incredible salami. At first, I was finding it too hot for my palate but once you get used to the spiciness you can finally appreciate the intense flavor and delicious taste this salami has to offer. Even if you’re not from that region, once you taste it, you can almost feel the warmth of the sun in a Summer day, intense and sometimes too hot all over your body, but you can never get enough of it anyway.


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