INTERVIEW WITH A WINEMAKER - Diego Carrea - Molinetto

by Marcello Muiesan

Q. Tell us about yourself, why and when did you decide to become an oenologist?

A. I worked for about ten years as an engineer in Genoa and Milan until October 2008, when I decided to come back home to continue the family wine business started by my father Matteo and by my uncle Domenico since 1990.

Q. If you had to use three words, which one will you use to describe your work?

A. Challenging, stimulating, rewarding.

Q. What is your greatest fear during the entire cycle of the vine?

A. Not correctly interpreting the signals during the production cycle in the vineyard and the winemaking process.

Q. What makes you happy with your job?

A. The small satisfaction after a lot of effort.

Q. What was the most crucial moment in your career as a winemaker?

A. When our wine Re.lys Gavi DOCG passed three levels of blind tastings and came out as a winner.

Q. What is your vision on organic, biodynamic and sustainable?

A. I am practising organic farming, even if not yet certified.

Q. What are you doing to preserve the planet?

A. In daily actions, I try to optimize the consumption of resources and limit the interventions to those strictly necessary.

Q. If you had to use three words, which one would you use to describe your wines?

A. Classic, authentic and complex.

Q. Why are your wines different from your direct competitors?

A. For the terroir, the personal choices in the vineyard management and the winemaking process.

Q. Among your wine, which is the one you are most fond of? What makes you proud? And why?

A. Re.lys Gavi DOCG, because it is the wine I most identify with.

Q. What was the highlight of your career as a winemaker?

A. When I started to follow the whole winemaking process in the new cellar.

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