INTERVIEW WITH A WINEMAKER - Enrico Sgorbati - Torre Fornello

by Marcello Muiesan

Q. Tell us about yourself, why and when did you decide to become a wine producer?

A. The turning point in my career as a producer was when I decided to produce wines with personality, uniqueness, peculiarity,  wines to be able to propose an interpretation of my own character.

Q. If you had to use three words, which one will you use to describe your work?

A. Passion, culture, art.

Q. What is your biggest fear during the entire vine cycle?

A. It is the hailstorms that destroy all the work of an entire year and in front of them one is helpless.

Q. What makes you happy about your job?

A. Being able to better understand a vintage.

Q. What was the most important moment in your career as a wine producer?

A. My first harvest back in 1992 and the subsequent harvest and vinification in 1998 with the first production of my wine with my Torre Fornello brand.

Q. What is your vision on organic, biodynamic, and sustainable?

A. Sustainable / respectful of nature and man - Low environmental impact.

Q. What do you do to preserve the planet?

A. Respect for nature / no weeding / no chemical, use of materials from a recycling  / no waste of water/recycling of materials/respect for the cycle of nature.

Q. If you had to use three words, which one would you use to describe your wines?

A. Unusual, different, with personalities.

Q. Why are your wines different from your direct competitors?

A. I would say our heritage. The devotion of this land to viticulture is dated back in 1600. In each bottle, the alchemy of past and present creates an unrivaled quality that surprises you at each sip.

Q. Among your wine, which one are you most fond of? What makes you proud? And why?

A. They are all my children, an extension of me, and everyone has his own way, his personality and peculiarities that make them unique. If I have to choose one it will be the most unusual and particular, the Malvasia "Una", which was made in collaboration with the Michelin Star restaurant "La Palta" in Borgonovo Val Tidone, Italy.

Q. What was the highlight of your career as a wine producer?

A. Every moment and every harvest is an emotion and a goal experienced as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

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