ON THE SPOT - Gelber Traminer "Natural" - Waingut Buchmayer

by Marcello Muiesan

Organic, biodynamic, natural, nowadays everyone is getting fussy about their drinking and even us we look at this aspect of the business even if we believe that great wines such as the Gelber Traminer "Naturel" from Weingut Buchmayer is not coming just from a specific way of farming but from the dedicated work of the people working in the winery.

The name Gelber Traminer "Natural" is used to describe a wine made with an aromatic grape best known with the name Gewurztraminer, while Naturel refers to the farming adopted which is entirely Biodynamic with Demeter certification from the Autumn 2019, and then Gelber, which in German means yellow, is associated with the grape skin color.

The Gewurztraminer, or Traminer, has the best expression on a cooler climate, typically Austria, Alsace (northern France), Germany, and Alto Adige (northern Italy) is where you find most of the vineyard but other regions like USA, New Zealand, Slovenia are actually growing it with interesting and good results too.

This aromatic grape usually develops aromas of tea rose, lychees, orange blossom, and citrus peel, but also cinnamon, lilac, bergamot, and honeysuckle can be found depending on where has been grown.

Quality over quantity has been always our motto and today we're going to let you discover our Gelber Traminer "Natural" from Weingut Buchmayer, an excellent small winery in Neiderösterreich (lower Austria).

Weingut Buchmayer produces uncomplicated wines, light in alcohol and suitable for many occasions, their Gelber Traminer "Naturel" doesn’t fall far from this statement with only 12% ABV and a light and pleasant body.
The wine has a golden yellow color, with a delicate fragrance of rose petals and orange peel.

The palate unfolds its supple creaminess with the taste of yellow fleshy fruits, good acidity, and a long finish.
For Weingut Buchmayer each vineyard has its own unique quality, their individual vinification is characterized by the particular soils of the specific locations.
Weingut Buchmayer's philosophy is to allow the wine to evolve and trust the play of natural forces. Nature and winemakers develop hand in hand with their creative power.
In our search for the best from small wineries all around the world, we’re very proud of our latest discovery, this incredible producer from Austria create what we define wines to remember, something unique you will enjoy in every sip.  

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