Moscato D'Asti D.O.C.G. Nettare di Stelle - Cantina del Glicine (750ml)

Grape: Moscato bianco 100%.
ABV: 5%.
Yearly production: 3500 bottle.

Colour: Intense gold yellow.

Aroma: Primarily of stone fruit, apricots and peach above all with hint of citrus and herbal notes.

Taste: Slightly bubbly, semi-sweet and lightly frothing. Clean and fresh finish.

Behind the label: Literally translated to "nectar of the stars", it's just a fantasy name.  

Producer: Glicine, Marcorino, Curra, are names that are reminiscent of this small winery that took roots in 1980, named “del Glicine” as a tribute to a century-old wisteria located in the garden.They began producing for the enjoyment in small quantities with both successes and disappointment. Slowly the past time grew into business facilitated by the existing unique 17th century cellar, which is a great example of Piedmontese Baroque kept in perfect condition.The silence, the darkness, the moistness and the coolness are ideal for the storage and ageing wines.

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