IN SEASON - White Truffle Autumn 2019

by Marcello Muiesan

Scrambled eggs, poached eggs, beef carpaccio, risotto, tagliolini or fillet of beef; These are just traditional dishes on which you can shave white truffle on top, however, combinations are really infinite.

White truffle oil, white truffle cream, white truffle honey, as well as cheese, butter, and charcuterie; White truffle can also be infused in other ingredients to make a great condiment when not available fresh.

White truffle has a very strong aroma but the taste is very delicate, that means you can't combine it with too strong flavors or too heavy dishes otherwise you risk to overpower it and considering the price of it, do you really want to waste it?

My suggestion will always be to go for something simple, the king of the dish is the truffle, no matter what, it’s like a leading actor on stage, all the spotlights must be for them, they are the ones keeping the crowd interested and make it worth the price of the ticket.

As we said the combinations are infinite, you can try it with fish, vegetables, dairy or eggs of any kind, in the end, it can be considerate as a mushroom which grows underground instead of overground, just a bit more difficult to locate and pick up.

We talked so much about its flavor and taste, which wine do we drink to match it, then? If we choose tradition, I would say Nebbiolo grape. Barolo or Barbaresco are usually the best choices but I personally like something less powerful of which the taste can walk side by side with the white truffle.

My personal advice is to choose a red not too heavy but definitely with lots of complexity and long persistency.

I recently had the chance to taste again our Gutturnio Riserva 2006 from Torre Fornello and I have to say it was the perfect match.

On the other end, complex white works well too, maybe semi-aromatic with a very long persistence such as an oak-aged Chardonnay, Kerner, or even a Millesimee Champagne or an Italian Classic Method.

Always make your choice based on your taste anyway, drink responsibly, and enjoy the white truffle season.

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