Q. What is Wine&Truffle?
A. Wine&Truffle is the online retail shop from independent wine merchant Il Tastevin LTD and your portal for private chef service.
Q. Why is my invoice from Il Tastevin LTD.?
A. Il Tastevin LTD is the registered company managing Wine&Truffle website, and it is financially responsible for invoicing purchases.
Q. Can you outsource wine not listed on your website?
A. Yes, we can. Wine not imported by us directly can be outsourced for a minimum order of £200.

Q. What is a truffle?
A. A truffle is the fruiting body, or fungus, of the genus Tuber. Similar to mushrooms, truffles can look a bit like potatoes. They are found in close association with trees' roots and feature a distinctive aroma and taste.
Q. Why fresh truffles are so expensive?
R. Truffles are costly because it's not possible to farm them. They naturally grow by tree roots and require a specific kind of soil and climate conditions.
Q. Why do fresh truffles come in already made weight?
A. Truffles come in whole pieces, and to preserve them for longer, they cannot be cut.
Q. Can I freeze fresh truffles?
A. No, you shouldn't. They will lose their aroma and taste.
Q. How do I keep a fresh truffle?
A. The best way to preserve truffles is to wrap them up in kitchen paper, which needs to be changed regularly every day.
Q. How long can I keep a fresh truffle before using it?
A. Usually, to keep the freshness and flavour, we suggest consuming it within 2/3 days.
Q. Can I order a fresh truffle when not in season?
A. No, you can't. Truffles are seasonal and depending on which variety, they only grow for a limited number of months during the year.
Q. What is a limited production wine?
A. It's a wine produced in a small number of bottles every vintage.
Q. Are limited production wine more expensive?
R. Not necessarily. A small production could result from many aspects, such as the size of the wine yards – small winemakers tend to have small plots - and the reduction of yield to obtain better quality.
Q. Why are there sediments in the wine?
A. Sediments can come either from the age of the wine or because the wine was not filtered before bottling.

Q. Is there a minimum order when buying from Wine&Truffle?
A. No, there isn't; you can order as many bottles you like according to the available stock.
Q. Can I buy mixed cases of wine?
A. Yes, you can.
Q. Can I order wine and truffle together?
A. Yes, you can; however, the order may be dispatched in two separate deliveries. Check our delivery page below for more info.
Q. Can I make an order from overseas?
A. No, you can't. Wine&Truffle will only accept and dispatch orders within the UK.

Q. Why do I receive two deliveries when ordering both wine and truffle products?
A. Whilst the wines come from our warehouse in Greater London, truffle products come from our partner which, to deliver the freshest products, will dispatch directly soon as the products arrive from Italy.
Q. Why the deliveries are taking up to 7 working days?
A. Some products, especially fresh truffles, arrive from Italy once a week as we want to make sure you will be delivered the freshest available products.

Q. How do the private chef service work?
A. You contact us with the booking details (date, place and number of people). Once we agreed on the menu, we send you the invoice for payment, which is all upfront.
On the day of the event, we come to your house at least an hour before to finish preparing, then we cook, serve and clean the kitchen after the service.
Q. What is the cancellation policy?
A. There's no cancellation fee involved for booking cancelled before two weeks of the agreed date.
We'll keep 50% of the fee to cover the chef expenses if cancellation occurs within two weeks from the agreed date.
For Christmas Day, NYE or Easter booking, there's no refund available.
Q. What is the maximum number of people for dinner?
A. There's no maximum of people, is all related to your kitchen and space for hosting. For a large number, we will come with a help which will be included in the fee.
Q. How's serving at the table?
A. The chef cooks and serves the food at the table, and you do the wine yourself unless you ask for a sommelier service too.
For a large number, the chef will bring someone to help him cooking and serving.
Q. Are the drinks included in the price?
A. No, they aren't unless specified in the menu. As we're a wine shop too, feel free to ask us for recommendations and wine pairing, we're happy to help.
Q. How can I book the service?
A. You can either use the form on our website or send an email to contactus@wineandtruffle.co.uk. Please let us know the date, number of people and location, and we'll take it from there.