IN SEASON - White truffle - Autumn 2020

by Marcello Muiesan

Has been a long year, lots happened and we're not over yet one of the most difficult time for everyone, but, Nature doesn't take a break, day after day the landscape changes its color, the leaves keep falling, and the early sunset makes the days shorter.

It sounds like a pretty awful season but it's not at all!

For us, the Autumn is the white truffle season, the most flavored and amazing one, incomparable to any other variety, and unfortunately the pricey one.

This season didn’t start well, the quality wasn’t good enough for our standards and we started selling it quite late, but now it’s on his peak, so what are you waiting for, get in the kitchen, grab your cooking apron, and start cooking, we’ll bring the white truffle to you.

I’ve been working in fine dining for a long time and I always remember this time of the year, there was a lot of excitement in the air, people were getting crazy about it and before booking, they were asking if we were serving white truffle.

Then the look in the eye of the customer when we were bringing the truffle board to the table, lifting the cloche, and the intense smell were filling the air like the wind.

They were jumping on the chair like babies, ready to get full-on in their plate whatever it was scrambled eggs, a risotto, or a pasta dish.

It was not a long time ago when we could all do that, going to the restaurant without the mask, comfortably seat without fearing to get ill, and enjoying a great night out.

We just need to be patient, that time will come again soon but if you miss it so much, you can always hire a chef, and still jump from the chair or fill up the air with the unmistakable white truffles aroma.

Let’s do it!

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