IN SEASON - White Truffle - Autumn 2021

by Marcello Muiesan

The last time we ate truffle, we were in lockdown.

Restaurants and bars were closed, you could not meet more than a certain number of people, and there were a whole series of other restrictions.

Ten months have passed since then, we are not out of the pandemic yet, but at least we are free to go outside, meet freely and shop in relative safety.

Never like this year has there been a desire to go out and eat in our favourite restaurant, and from October to December, eat delicious dishes based on white truffles.

The season has finally begun for the king of the truffles, the most precious and fragrant of all.

However, it is a difficult season, the availability is scarce, making the price go up compared to the last year.

It is also challenging to find large truffles, but despise the average size is about 20grs the aroma and taste is getting better and better.

Ours are Italians and come from Tuscany, although the most typical and well-known areas are in southern Piedmont, in the hills of the Langhe and Monferrato.

Honestly, I have tried both Piedmontese and Tuscan white truffles, and in a blind taste, I challenge anyone to find differences.

The white truffle, like the black one, must be consumed in a short period.
However, to preserve it in the best way and ensure that it retains its aroma and flavour, I recommend doing the following.

Clean the truffles by rubbing them with a brush with medium bristles (ours arrive cleaned already), then remove the soil residues with a toothpick.

Wrap them in a sheet of kitchen paper.

Store them in an airtight container, and remember to change the paper every day.

Also, dry the container inside if it has condensed.

Alternatively, you can keep the truffle in a container full of rice.

In any case, the truffles will not keep for more than a week, mainly the white one.

As for the black ones, don't through away the small pieces or crumbles; crushed them and mixed them with butter to do your white truffle butter.

Happy white season everyone, and stay tuned for the white truffle recipes to come soon in our blog.

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