INTERVIEW WITH A WINEMAKER - Salvatore Papadopoli - Tenuta Giustini

by Marcello Muiesan

Q. Tell us about yourself, why and when did you decide to become a winemaker?

A. It started with the passion for the vineyards which then, with the opening of the family winery, turned into a passion for wine, and thanks to the teachings of the winemaker who followed us in that period, this passion was born to me and I started studying.

Q. If you had to use three words, which one will you use to describe your work?

A. Surprisingly, intense, meticulous.

Q. What is your biggest fear during the entire vine cycle?

A. The period from June to August for atmospheric events such as hail for example, but also for the risk of fungal attacks in the final period that would compromise ripening, such as botrytis.

Q. What makes you happy about your job?

A. That the wine is appreciated by the end customer.

Q. What was the most important moment in your career as a winemaker?

A. I'm still young, however, the most important moment was having received the compliments of many more experienced winemakers for the 2018 Ad Hoc Primitivo di Manduria D.O.C.

Q. What is your vision on organic, biodynamic, and sustainable?

A. Organic is the future. Organic wines will take more market because they are moving towards an idea of ​​sustainable wine that respects the environment in all respects.
Biodynamic is more particular, it requires important investments by the company and in my opinion, it will remain a niche market.
Sustainable wine must be sustainable both from an environmental and economic point of view otherwise it would no longer be fair.
What do you do to preserve the planet? 
First of all, we do not use herbicides or insecticides in the company and try to follow the old traditions of viticulture in our area as much as possible, using the most natural products possible.

Q. If you had to use three words, which one would you use to describe your wines?

A. Intense, elegant, representative.

Q. Why are your wines different from your direct competitors?

A. Because we do meticulous activity in the vineyards that brings the plant to health. We have low yields and therefore excellent product quality. We carry out detailed and controlled vinifications for whites, rosés, and reds. The processes are scrupulous from fermentation to the bottle because the winemaker is at home anyway!

Q. Among your wine, which one are you most fond of? What makes you proud? And why?

A. The wine I am most fond of is Ad Hoc Primitivo di Manduria D.O.C. because it is our flagship wine, the most awarded and made by putting all the passion we can into it. It is felt every day from when fermentation ends to when it goes to barrique. The grapes are selected one by one and the final product is interesting because it represents in all respects the primitive grape variety, the one to which our company is fond.

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