NEW ARRIVALS - Champagne Allouchery Perseval

by Marcello Muiesan

Allouchery Perseval is not a famous, big commercial brand like it could be Veuve Clicquot or Moët & Chandon, Allouchery Perseval is a small Maison du Champagne made by passionate people who works hard that piece of land often left to them by their family.

For Allouchery Perseval we’re talking about 4 generations of people working and breathing in the Montagne de Reims, this historical region made famous by the production of Champagne.  

Owner and winemaker Emilien built his knowledge studying in Champagne and Burgundy first and then working with a winery in New Zealand and South Africa, it was 2006 when he decided to come back home and start working on the family estate.

Allouchery Perseval vines are in the Montagne de Reims – Ecueil, spread over 22 parcels of sandy soils with limestone and clay, with an average age of the vines being 25 years.
Those eight hectares of Champagne 1er Cru appellation produce about 60000 annually, production may change depending on the weather, of course, a few years ago a hailstorm ruined part of the crop and there was nothing they can do about.
The vines are cultured without the use of insecticides or herbicides. Emilien uses natural compost, plows the soils and limit the yields.
As proof of his sustainable viticulture, Allouchery Perseval vineyard is certified HVE (High Environmental Value) and VDC (Sustainable viticulture in Champagne).
Pinot Noir is an emblematic variety in the terroir of Ecueil and expresses its finesse and unique fruit notes in the Allouchery Perseval Champagnes.
Wine&truffle is delighted to bring you such a nice winery and decided to sell what we believe is the true soul of them, Le Tradition “Blanc de Noirs” extra brut, La Réserve Brut and the Millésime 2009 Brut.
The unicity of Allouchery Perseval Champagnes makes the perfect match for our philosophy, small producers, limited production, premium quality wine and great value for money.

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