NEW ARRIVALS - Tenuta Giustini wines

by Marcello Muiesan

Tenuta Giustini is a family winery, four-generation has been working in this land called Salento – the “heel” of Italy, in the southern region of Puglia or Apulia as they call it the natives.

They own about 40 hectares, including 20 by the sea (il Mare Piccolo, where are produced the famous Taranto mussels): this terroir is unique in Puglia, as the vineyard is so close to the sea. The vineyard includes 5 hectares of Negroamaro and 15 hectares of Primitivo – this is where Ad Hoc is produced.

The Tenuta also owns about 10 hectares (scattered) in an area close by called Montefusco, where we produce the Terramè and Classic lines (apart from Ad Hoc) wines.

Tenuta Giustini was born from a dream. The Papadopoli family grew up among the vineyards. The grandfather Salvatore cultivated the land with passion and waited every year for the harvest that would bring the fruits of a whole year of hard work.

Beginning as a simple farmer, Salvatore moved on to manage the vines in a local baron’s farm and later for a wealthy landowner's farm. He applied his experience to the vineyard that he saw growing day by day and that looked after as if it were a child.

Talking about children, Salvatore got married and had three children, two girls, and a boy.

He began to purchase the first lands of his property, some together with his brother Ciro who also dedicated himself to the cultivation of vineyards and the production of wine.

The smallest of Salvatore's sons is called Giuseppe. He started working with his father and got more and more passionate about the land. So much that years later he decided to realize the family dream: to produce the wine of their own vineyards.

Giuseppe opened a small winery in 2005, he is very involved in the business and the sacrifices are not lacking. He had to learn many things and above all make his product known with its peculiarities. Determined and a visionary, he continued the climb until he got the first results with his Primitivo Patù.

The Papadopoli family created a winery in 2005 and they integrated the production internally with the creation of the cellar in 2015. The idea has always been to do everything by themselves; only their grapes are used for the wines, that they vinify, bottle and sell.

Have a sip of Primitivo di Manduria or Negramaro from Tenuta Giustini and let your mind travel to that beautiful sunny land which is Puglia.

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