ON THE SPOT - Carignan Blanc "RARE" - Olivier Coste

by Marco Franchi

We all know by now Olivier Coste: a winemaker who keeps working on his several key principles like sustainable and organic farming, zero carbon emission  biodiversity preservation and lighter glass bottles, keys in order to ensure a better future for our planet.

He is also a producer who brought back to life fascinating old grapes varieties from its terroir, the unique Languedoc.

The label speaks for itself: RARE. Carignan Blanc.

A Fascinating rare variety,  Carignan Blanc is a white-skinned mutation of the red Carignan grape variety that is found in the wines of southern France especially Languedoc and northwestern of Spain.

In the past, Carignan Blanc was used mostly for local blended wines with classic other common varieties, in particular, Grenache blanc, Terret or Viognier. With its expression, Carignan Blanc was used to adding a fresh and citrusy note to the blend wines.

Today, Carignan Blanc wines are something of a rarity.

Low yields, lot of caring, Carignan Blanc is a variety susceptible to powdery mildew,  fragile, which needs a specific climate to grow at its perfection.

That’s why many growers have abandoned the cultivation and production.

Not the case of Olivier Coste who, with his organic farming and preservation made the rare variety back to life, for a 100% Carignan Blanc which is a true RARE superstar of Languedoc terroir.

Bright yellow color, cristal with greenish nuances. Floral nose, citrusy, scents of unripened Mirabelle, hints of green pear which develops into a freshly cut grass, once it opens up.

Fresh in mouth, mineral, with a long dry and fresh finish.
A truly pleasant premium wine to drink with summery salads, white meat or to enjoy as an aperitif, but make sure to have enough stock in ice.

A truly RARE gem for you to buy in our online shop.


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