ON THE SPOT - Cinsault - Olivier Coste

by Alessandra Celio

Languedoc, South of France.

A region that is thought to be where Cinsault grape was first discovered, a black grape variety for which the ideal climate to grow up at its best is hot and dry.

Cinsault finds its best habitat also in Rhone Valley and Provence, just to name the most important regions, however, outside France it’s also planted in Algeria, Australia, Corsica, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and South Africa where during the early 1900’s the grape was blended with Pinot noir to create the famous Pinotage.

Only later in the 1960s, Cinsault found its way to US lands.

It is difficult to find a wine made out of 100% Cinsault, as most producers use the grapes for blends, like in Rhone Valley or for rosés vinification, especially in Provence, thank to its intense berry aroma bouquets.

We found one: Olivier Coste. And we love it.

Respecting the heritage and the environment with his neutral carbon emissions, sustainable and organic farming, biodiversity preservation, not to mention lightweight, eco-friendly bottles to limit the impact on the planet, Olivier created another outstanding product.

Deep and brilliant ruby red color, intense nose of ripening red stone fruits like plums and black Morello cherries to start with, wild berries, rose hips and wild strawberries to follow, for an ending full of herbaceous and balsamic notes.

Complex, pleasantly round and delicate in your mouth with a generous structure.

Very, very long length and a silky finish.

Versatile is the best word to describe this wine.

A great Cinsault to support fresh, complex and rich dishes like venison with black truffle and blueberry sauce, to a pizza or simply as an after-dinner chat with a friend. A unique affordable premium red wine.

Match it a nice salad, a light pasta or even with a pizza, not the classic pairing for a French wine but why not?

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