ON THE SPOT - Dolcetto d'Alba D.O.C. - Cantina del Glicine

by Alessandra Celio

Cantina del Glicine is an historic small family-run estate located in the charming village of Neive; The cellar is buried eight meters (25 ft) under the building’s garden which is covered with wisteria (glicine in Italian); It dates back to 1582 and it was part of the list of top sights and attractions submitted for the application of the Langhe- Roero and Monferrato districts for Unesco World

Heritage status in 2014. A real destination winery for the history of winemaking,
Dolcetto, literally meaning ‘the sweet one’, has little to do with sugar levels as it is generally a high tannic and high acidic grape variety.

Being one of the Piedmontese most important D.O.C’s, Dolcetto is said to have French origins but is hardly grown over there.

Records suggest that it was brought to Monferrato Langhe and areas in the 11th century where since then, the grape found its ideal base; With a cool and dry climate, together with suitable soils, it gained mass popularity in the peninsula.

It is grown in chalky soils that are a blend of volcanic "tufo" and sand, which produces mineral-driven, balanced fruits.

Dolcetto d'Alba is often considered the finest of the Dolcettos for their slightly floral, juicy, and more delicate, less concentrated characteristics. It is a wine for everyday drinking but has got great potential for aging.

Dolcetto d'Alba Olmiolo is a brilliant ruby red color with purple edges. An intense nose of ripens plums, violet, red berries. dry, fresh and winy, slightly tannic with berries and a pleasantly bitter almond aftertaste.

Quite warm in alcohol, it is an easy-drinking wine that has long been considered the everyday wine in popular tradition in Alba.

Carefully selected and awarded in 2015 as the Best Value Wine by CWSA ( one of the most renowned Wine and Spirits Competition in China & Hong Kong),  Dolcetto d'Alba Olmiolo suits the best traditional food like Tajerin with black truffle ( summer season) or white truffle (autumn season).

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