ON THE SPOT - Emila I.G.T Pratobianco - Torre Fornello

by Alessandra Celio

Yes, I know that Torre Fornello winery rings a bell as we have already tasted few of its premium wines.

Let me refresh your memory then…

We are in Piacenza, situated in the northwest part of Emilia Romagna in a winery full of history since the 13th century.

Torre Fornello, born as a rural brick kiln where the limestones and bricks were cooked, was built where now there is part of the vineyards.

From 1600, when the estate was bought by Counts Zanardi Landi, the manor house and its outbuildings were built: stables, barn, church, vinsantaia and the beautiful botanical garden.

Over the centuries the manor house remained a renowned residence, occupied by the noble family and their friends generally in the summer seasons until the whole period of the harvest, in October.

Torre Fornello re-born as a winery back in 1982, when the estate became the property of the Sgorbati family, winegrowers in the area for many years, who cultivated the vineyards and sold grapes to third parties until late 90’s when they started recovering and renovating the process of cultivation of the vineyards to produces high standard quality wines.

Made by a blend of Malvasia aromatic di Candia, Sauvignon and Chardonnay, all from old vines, Pratobianco takes its name from one plot out of 73 hectares of  vineyards where the grapes are grown, once site of a white field which in Italian is translated in “prato bianco”.

Let’s drink it now: Yellow color with golden hues, a deep nose of white blossom, candied lemon and hay, with hints of fresh herbs. Fruity, fresh, round, with intense and long length finish.

Non-pretentious, ideal for any occasion, from a fish dinner or a summer picnic, Pratobianco is a must-have in your cellar collection.

Enjoy it with friends or family, or just by yourself if you’re locked in as we all are, you don’t need a special occasion to open it, so indulge and spoil yourself, you deserve it.

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