ON THE SPOT - Exploring the Champagne Treasures of Reims

by Marcello Muiesan

Introduction: Nestled in the heart of the Champagne region in France, Reims is renowned as the historic capital of champagne production. With its rich heritage and exceptional vineyards, Reims has become synonymous with exquisite bubbly. In this blog, we will delve into the enchanting world of Reims champagne, specifically focusing on the prestigious Montagne de Reims sub-region. Discover the allure of this renowned Champagne region, the significance of its vineyards, and the unique characteristics of Reims' iconic Blanc de Noir champagnes. Join us on a sparkling journey as we explore the delights of Reims champagne.

The Champagne Regions: Exploring Reims: Champagne is a region known for its distinctive terroir, which gives rise to a variety of exceptional champagnes. Reims, one of the primary champagne regions, is home to prestigious vineyards and renowned champagne houses. As the gateway to the Montagne de Reims sub-region, Reims features a remarkable concentration of vineyards renowned for producing high-quality grapes, particularly Pinot Noir. This characteristic grape variety lends its elegance and finesse to the champagne produced in this historic city. The unique combination of soil, climate, and winemaking traditions makes Reims a captivating destination for champagne connoisseurs and wine lovers alike.

Montagne de Reims, The Essence of Reims ChampagneMontagne de Reims, situated south of Reims city, is considered one of the most prestigious sub-regions within the Champagne appellation. Known for its exceptional chalky soils, which enhance grape quality, this picturesque region primarily specialises in Blanc de Noir champagnes. These champagnes varieties are crafted exclusively or predominantly from Pinot Noir grapes. The result is a symphony of elegance, featuring vibrant acidity, red fruit flavours, and a delicate effervescence. Among the notable champagne producers in the Montagne de Reims region is Allouchery-Perseval, a family-owned champagne house esteemed for their dedication to traditional winemaking techniques and their commitment to expressing the unique terroir of Montagne de Reims in their champagnes.

Blanc de Noir Charm, The Pinot Noir Influence: Pinot Noir, a red grape variety, is a driving force behind the captivating flavours found in many Reims champagnes. Often used to produce exceptional Blanc de Noir champagnes, Pinot Noir brings a distinct richness and complexity to the wine. Its delicate red fruit flavours, nuanced aromas, and elegant structure create a harmonious balance in these champagnes. This grape variety thrives in the Montagne de Reims sub-region, where it flourishes on the limestone-rich slopes. The result is a range of champagnes that showcase the hallmark characteristics of Pinot Noir while capturing the essence of Reims champagne.

Allouchery-Perseval Champagnes, A Beacon of Excellence: Within the Montagne de Reims region, the champagne house of Allouchery-Perseval stands as a testament to the dedication and skill of Reims winemakers. This family-owned estate embodies the rich heritage of champagne production, meticulously crafting champagne that express the unique terroir of Montagne de Reims. Their commitment to traditional winemaking techniques, combined with their respect for the grape varieties and regional nuances, results in champagnes of exceptional quality and finesse. Whether enjoying their elegant Blanc de Noir or indulging in other Cuvees, a taste of Allouchery-Perseval champagne is a journey into the artistry and passion that characterizes Reims' champagne offerings.

Conclusion: Reims, the historic capital of champagne, beckons wine enthusiasts to explore its sparkling treasures. The Montagne de Reims sub-region, with its prestigious vineyards and remarkable Blanc de Noir champagnes, exemplifies the essence of Reims' champagneAllouchery-Perseval, a revered champagne house, showcases the craftsmanship and terroir-driven excellence that define this region. Raise a glass to the captivating flavours, delicate effervescence, and rich heritage of Reims champagnes. Let the bubbles dance on your palate as you celebrate the allure of this remarkable city and its exceptional offerings.

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