RECIPES - Potatoes gnocchi with goat cheese sauce, “pregiato” black truffle and asparagus foam

by Marcello Muiesan

I was a little kid when I used to sit around the table whilst my grandmother was making gnocchi.

It took me years to understand how much flour to use to make them exactly the same way, firm but still soft enough to melt in your mouth.

Too little flour and they fall apart while cooking, too much and they are a too hard and just taste of flour. Find the right amount and they will be perfect.

Very important as well for this dish is choosing the right potatoes; You need the ones containing less water as possible so you always go for the one growing in the mountain.

My grandma used to go to the market and pick the right one all the time and if not available, she would cook something else instead.

By remembering her suggestions I am writing this recipe, to make you experience what I learned sat at that table.

Ingredients for serving 4 people:

For the potatoes dumpling

1kg mountain potatoes
170gr of flour
80gr of grated parmesan
1 egg

Put the unpeeled potatoes in a pot and cover with cold water and bring to boil, then reduce the heat and cook until soft.

Once ready put them in a warm oven, about 100° C, and dry out for about 5 min. Whilst still warm peel them and pass them through a potatoes crusher.

Mix the crushed potatoes with 140gr of flour, egg, parmesan, a pinch of salt, and a pinch of grated nutmeg.

Once the dough is well-mixed dust the working surface using a little of the resting flour, take a little piece from the dough and start rolling it to get it into a little cylinder shape then cut into pieces 1.5cm wide.

Repeat the process ‘until you use the whole dough. Place the dumplings on a tray dusted with flour and set them aside.

For the goat cheese sauce

125gr of goat cheese
60ml of single cream
20gr grated “pregiato” black truffle
20gr of finely chopped chives

Warm the cream in a pan, add the goat cheese, and continuously stir until it’s completely melted.

Add the grated truffle, the finely chopped chives, salt into the taste, stir and set aside.

For the asparagus foam

160gr of asparagus
500ml of water
5gr of soy lecithin powder

Peel the asparagus and cut them in chunks.

Bring the water to boil, add the asparagus, cook through and blend.

Pass them through a fine sieve, add the soy lecithin powder and stir until completely melted.

Place the liquid in a container and foam using a hand blender.

For the presentation (one portion)

10gr of “pregiato” black truffle

Bring to boil a large pan of abundant salted water, put in the gnocchi, gently stir and wait they rise to the surface.

Take them out using a slotted spoon, put them in the sauce, and gently mix around.

Place the gnocchi in a pasta plate, finely shave in the “pregiato” black truffle using a truffle slicer mandolin and add on top 2/3 spoons of asparagus foam.

Wine pairing:

VSQ Brut Sospiri – Ca’ Del Vent

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