RECIPES - Home made crab tagliolini with langoustine tartare and Ibiza salt, served in a Carasau basket

by Marcello Muiesan

Wherever you are in the world there’s no need to travel so far to get it, you can easily find it online, perhaps if you’re into sea, nature, beautiful landscape and why not, up to the party, give it a go and don’t forget to bring some salt back.

Ingredients for serving 4 people:

For the bisque

8 alive langoustine
1 carrot
1 celery stick
1 onion
50gr white flour
100ml Brandy
30gr Tomato concentrate

Buy the langoustine from your favorite fishmonger, get the freshest one, they must still be moving as we need them for the tartare as well.

Take the head off and put aside. Cut the tail longitudinally, extract the pulp, and keep it chilled.

Pre-warm the oven at 200 degrees.

Finely chop the carrot, celery, and onion.

Put the heads and the shells in a tray, put in the oven, and let it cook for 5 minutes.

Add the chopped vegetables and cook for 5 minutes.

Dust with the flour and leave in the oven for the other 5 minutes.

Take everything out and put in a large saucepan, add the brandy and flame it.

Let the alcohol evaporate completely and then cover with water.

Add the tomato concentrate, salt, and pepper and let it cook till 2/3 of the water evaporate.

Pass through a fine sieve to separate the liquid from the rest and put it aside.

For the homemade tagliolini

300gr re-milled semolina
3 eggs
pinch of salt

Mix flour and salt and put on a clean work surface, the traditional is a wood one called “spianatoia” but anything will go anyway.

Make a well and add the eggs in the middle.

Gently start mixing stroking from outside to inside till the dough is smooth and rounded, cover with a wet kitchen towel, and leave to rest for 30minutes.

Divide the dough in 4 portions as will be easier to be handled, roll each one into a long flat rectangle about 0.5 mm thick.

Once done roll it into itself from the shortest edge and cut it with a sharp knife 2mm width.

Unroll and leave it to dry.

This, of course, is the old way to do it if you don’t have a pasta machine if you have it you will definitely save some time.

For the Carasau bread basket

4 round Carasau bread sheets

Preheat the oven a 220. Take a sheet of Carasau bread and sprinkle with water till completely wet.

Carefully place it on an upside-down bowl (about 15cm diameter) and put it in the oven to dry.

Once done take the bowl out being very careful to do not to break the basket obtained.

Leave it in a dry and cool place.

For the langoustine tartare

Langoustine pulp from the bisque preparation
Mild Extra virgin olive oil
Ibiza colored salt
Black pepper
2 lime

Chop finely the langoustine meat, place in a bowl and add mild olive oil, the Ibiza salt, black pepper, and lime zest.

Shape 4 quenelles and keep chilled.

For the crab tagliolini

250gr crab meat
200ml crustaceous bisque from above recipes
Homemade tagliolini from above recipes
80gr plum tomatoes
½ fresh chili pepper
1 garlic clove
Extra virgin olive oil
10gr flat parsley

In a saucepan warm up the oil, add the garlic, and the chili pepper.

Let it cook for few minutes being careful to do not to burn it, then add the tomatoes cut in half.

Once they start to melt add 200ml of bisque, let it mix together for a few minutes, and then add the crab meat.

In the meantime bring to boil 2 lt of salted water in a large pan, toss in the pasta and let it cook for 2/3 minutes depending on the thickness.

The tagliolini is a very thin pasta who doesn’t take to much time to cook so don’t overdo it.

Once cooked put the pasta in the sauce and mix well on gentle fire for few minutes stirring continuously, if getting too dry add some more bisque.

Toss in some finely chopped parsley and the pasta is ready to go

For the presentation (one portion)

Place the Carasau bread basket in the center of a pasta plate. Put the crab pasta inside and place the tartare quenelle on top.

Wine pairing:

Emilia I.G.T. Pratobianco – Torre Fornello

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