RECIPES - Beef tartare "Nature", lamb lettuce, truffle powder, and black truffle

by Marcello Muiesan

This recipe is very simple and fast to make, doesn't require any cooking experience or particular skills but needs super fresh ingredients, and of course an amazing black truffle, or the white truffle too if in season.

Angus beef, Chianina, Fassona, those are just a few examples of meat you can use for this recipe, it has to be the fillet as we want it very lean and I personally like it when it is chopped with the knife, no grinding or slicer, just hand cut.

I wouldn't use Kobe meat, even if very precious and amazing I personally think it is too fatty for this kind of dish.

Argentinian fillet could work well, in the end, it's just a matter of taste.

I always talk about creativity which combined with knowledge and skills make you create a great dish so, why not using this recipe but instead of a single tartare you serve 3, but smaller and made with different kinds of meat.

That's could be an idea, you can use a different kind of salt, exotic peppers freshly ground, and different oil too, just play it and use your imagination.

Ingredients for serving 4 people:

12gr black truffle "Pregiato" 

For the beef carpaccio "nature"

400gr fillet of Fassona beef
80gr lamb lettuce
Wild forest Vietnamese pepper
Maldon salt
Extra virgin olive oil.

Hand chop the beef very thinly using a very sharp knife, season it with freshly ground Wild Forest Vietnamese pepper, crushed Maldon salt, and extra virgin olive oil.
Place the lamb lettuce in a bowl, season it with salt and extra virgin olive oil.

For the truffle powder

5gr tapioca maltodextrina
8ml black truffle olive oil

Place the tapioca maltodextrina in a medium bowl, slowly pour on drops of black truffle oil while you stir it using your hands.
Put aside.

For the presentation (one portion)

Place a rectangular ring in the middle of the plate, fill it in with 100gr of chopped beef, press well, and then remove it.

Put about 20gr of seasoned lamb lettuce on top and finely shave 4gr of black truffle to cover.

Place a teaspoon of truffle powder on two opposite edge of the tartare.

Wine pairing

R.E.Noir Pinot Noir - Torre Fornello 

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