INTERVIEW WITH A WINEMAKER - Emilien Allouchery - Allouchery Perseval

by Marcello Muiesan

Q. Tell us about yourself, why and when you decided to become a winemaker?

A. I grew up in the middle of the vineyards, my family has been a winegrower for 4 generations, so I naturally opted for the profession of winegrower and winemaker after general studies in high school.
I studied wine at school in Champagne and Burgundy.
I then did internships in New Zealand and Australia before resuming family doping.

Q. If you had to use three words, which will you use to describe your work?

A. Passion / Patience / Curiosity

Q. What’s your biggest fear during the whole vine cycle?

A. Late frost (like in 2017) and rainy spring (like in 2016).

Q. What’s make you happy about your work?

A. We follow nature so each year is different, I can’t get bored!
The profession is very varied with the culture of the vine, the winemaking, and the relations with our customers.
The purpose of my job is Champagne so It means joy and celebration!

Q. Which was the top moment of your career as a winemaker?

A. It’s hard to choose a top moment; but generally, the tasting of the wine after the first alcoholic fermentation is a top moment because I discover the profile of the harvest.
Also tasting after the aging in bottles is a top moment because we discover the almost finished product.

Q. What’s your vision about organic, biodynamic, and sustainable?

A. For several years, I run my vineyard in a sustainable way; in 2020 after experimentations last year, I decided to start my conversion to organic viticulture.
This mode of culture is more respectful of the environment and allows us to be more attentive to the vines

Q. What do you do to preserve the planet?

A. Organic viticulture.
When it’s possible I only buy local supplies for the viticulture, the winemaking, and the bottles (label, boxes, caps…).
We produce solar energy with photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of our buildings.

Q. If you had to use three words, which will you use to describe your wines?

A. Light / fruit / freshness

Q. Why your wines are different from your direct competitors?

A. The sustainable or organic viticulture accompanies the vine for a good expression of the terroir. 
Ecueil is a very nice terroir for Pinot Noir which gives fruity and fresh wines.
I have spacious cellar so I can do long aging for my Champagnes even on the non-vintage Champagne which gives finesse.

Q. Amongst your wine, which is the one you are most attached to? The one it makes you proud? And Why?

A. My Tradition - Extra Brut is one of my favorite because it’s a Blanc de Noirs really representative of my vineyard. I also like one of my new release, Epilogue 2012 which is vintage Rosé, it’s an untypical wine and also the first Cuvee where I used oak barrels.

Q. Which was the highest moment of your career as a winemaker?

A. The vintages 2016 and 2017 were difficult, so the beautiful years 2018 and 2019 were comforting and encouraging for the projects of the future, in particular, the conversion to organic viticulture.

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