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We’re committed to quality and passion, every year we’re adding new wineries, whatever are classic farming, organic, natural or biodynamic, they have to be unique and fit in our philosophy.

We don’t just talk about brands, we talk about people, we talk about sacrifice and love, love for a hard job which is growing grapes and produce great wines.

Our commitment doesn’t stop there, but it’s carried on when we describe a new truffle season.

Whatever is white truffle, black truffle “pregiato” or Perigord, black truffle “uncinato or summer black truffle, we cover the whole seasons for you.

Our truffle products are also the best you can get in London, our partner Alfredo Romani brings the same quality and passion we’re looking for in wines.

Truffle oil, truffle cream, truffle butter or truffle honey, our products share the same source which is that beautiful country called Italy.   

In our blog, you will also find amazing original recipes created by the creative mind of our private chef Marcello Muiesan.

Classic Italian with a modern twist, Marcello’s recipes are for everyone who likes to experiment with something new and delicious.

If you don’t like to cook or you’re not very good at it, don’t worry, he can be hired as a private chef for a private or corporate events in London, just get in touch and he will take care of your requirements.

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