"Marcello organised a memorable dinner, combining genuine Italian ingredients with cooking mastery. Risotto with Castelmagno cheese and Tiramisu were to die for.​
A dinner like this at our home beats any restaurant hands down!"
Aldo Monteforte - The Floow - Founder/CEO
“Anyone with a love of Italian wine will be delighted to discover Wine&truffle. Marcello Muiesan has a deep knowledge and passion and is putting together a list of wonderful wines from a growing number of small high quality producers who share his passion.
The list is a balance of quality and price with some interesting blends like the Pratobianco from Torre Fornello. The serious red wine drinker need look no further than the sublime Armire - Giacomo Marengo!! Marcello offers an unparalleled service and is happy to advise on food pairings well as wine selection.”
Paul Elliot - Stock Broker
“Rarely in London, if ever, you can enjoy and appreciate better wines at what is probably the best price to quality ratio than those the "Wineandtruffle" offers and proposes. My drinking experience has always been lasting and superb and my bank account barely touched. Marcello is an inspiration, a great advisor and a true connoisseur of wines. I can say this with confidence and true appreciation."
Francesco Carobbi - Investment Banker
“I have enjoyed very much discovering and collecting wine form Giacomo Marengo’s production. His wines have a lovely balance and restrained style, especially the Cuvee Sant’Anna 2006. A beautiful white wine and outstanding vintage, very ripe and generous.
I appreciate the complexity buried beneath the sheer opulence of this beautiful and typical Tuscan. I expect this particular production to have even more appeal with age. I am keeping some bottles aside for the next few years to continue to enjoy and admire this style of wine. I feel rewarded in my purchase from Wine&truffle.”
Rabih Hage - Architect, furniture designer and gallerist
The day before our wedding we invited our closest family and friends to an Italian gourmet evening to our place. We pre-agreed with Marcello a selection of wines and matching food but he was still able to surprise us and the quality and the taste of both the wines as well as the assorted food was stunning.
We started with a glass of “Bubbles” and followed Marcello’s recommendation to try Franciaforta Sospiri 2006 - Ca' Del Vent, an Italian “Champagne” which tasted interestingly fresh with a slight fruity touch and a well rounded finish.
Alongside the Franciacorta, Marcello prepared bruschetta with both tomatoes and basil as well as Italian lardo. In particular the lardo with its peculiar taste was a perfect match with the Franciacorta. Thereafter, Marcello served the 2009 Malvasia Donna Luigia from Torre Fornello – our absolute favourite Italian white wine – which has a truly unique balance of dry taste at the beginning with a fruitful and well balanced ending.
As the matching food, trofie with pesto was served.
As the main meat dish, Marcello prepared little cubes of beef fillet that were served with a rich dolcelatte sauce paired with Elena 2003 from Giacomo Marengo, a tasteful and fruity red-wine. Following the beef fillet a selection of cheeses with jelly had been prepared which went very well with the Elena red-wine as well as the dessert wine Passito fiori d'Arancio 2006 from Monte Fasolo that Marcello brought out of his treasure box.
The dinner was rounded up with a marvellous ricotta dessert which tasted perfectly with the sweet dessert wine.
Having Marcello at our place and preparing everything so nicely in our kitchen created an overly warm and relaxed atmosphere. It almost felt as if he was part of the wedding crowd and just had to escape quickly to prepare something to eat and drink – knowing how much hard work has gone into the preparation, the cooking and serving that evening.
It was the perfect start to an unforgettable wedding weekend.”
Christian and Stephanie Schaefer