VSQ Brut Rosé Pas Operé - Cà del Vént

Grape: Pinot Nero 100%
ABV: 12%
Yearly production: 864 bottles.

Colour: Pale pink. Very thin, fine and persistent perlage

Aroma: Intense and complex with aromas of pink rose and fresh blackberry

Taste: Blueberry candy, bread crust, subtle hints of wood and smoky notes

Behind the label: Pas Operé is referred to a Classic Method wine that has no added liqueur d’expedition nor sugar at the disgorgement. 
Pas Opere’ (namely not worked, not processed wine, meaning pure) should not be confused with Pas Dosè, Nature, etc. which refer to the style of the wine.

Producer: Cà del Vént is an independent and artisanal boutique winery set in Cellatica, at the eastern border of Franciacorta region in Lombardy. The estate covers only 6 hectares and the vineyards enjoy a west-facing position on top of the Campiani hills with quite steep slopes a unique windy and dry microclimate.The name Cà del Vént means “house of wind”.


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