Gattinara D.O.C.G. - Antoniolo

Grape: Spanna (Nebbiolo clone) 100%.
ABV: 14%.
Yearly production: 15000 bottle.

Colour: Medium intensity garnet red with good transparency.

Aroma: Very fine bouquet of raspberries, violet, dried rose, spices and oak.

Taste: Full body, well balanced with delicate tannings. Long persistency.

Behind the label: Awarded with the D.O.C.G. status in 1990 the Gattinara age for a minimum of 36 month. Even if not stated in the label, this wine goes well over the minimum and could easily fit into the Riserva classification.

Producer: Hundred years earlier then Barolo and Barbaresco, Gattinara area was very well known for production of outstanding Nebbiolo grape red wines.After the industrial revolution, which moved the farmers to work in the cities, only few tenacious estates remain in this historic northerly zone.Antoniolo, established in 1949, was the first one in the D.O.C.G. to bottle cru wines, and is one of the only to bottle 100% Nebbiolo without blending in other varietals.

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