Bonarda Colli Piacentini D.O.C. Latitudo 45 - Torre Fornello

Grape: Croatina 90%, Syrah 10%.
ABV: 14%.
Yearly production: 3300 bottle.

Colour: Deep ruby-red with garnet highlights.

Aroma: Very complex with marked aromas of freesias, violets, wild cherry, cut grass, white pepper, cocoa and leather.

Taste: Chewable full body with a vibrant, fresh structured flavour with fruity and vegetal overtones.

Behind the label: Latitudo 45 stands for 45th parallel, which passes through the land where this extraordinary grape is grown and made into a unique and complex wine.

Producer: Torre Fornello is a recent development from Emilia Romagna with ancient roots and a very long history.In 1998, Enrico Sgorbati started the renovation of the 15th century medieval “borgo”, and added a modern cellar equipped with the best modern technology for refining and ageing the wines in barrels located in the XVII century cellar.Only grapes harvested from their vineyards are vinified in Torre Fornello, the same vineyards which were already cultivated in 1600 for the production of grapes.

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