Vino da uve passite - Torre Fornello (500ml)

Grape: Croatina 75%, other 15%.
ABV: 12.5%.
Yearly production: 1600 bottle.

Colour: Intense tonality of soft rose’.

Aroma: Clear and intense aroma of wild strawberry with a hint of orange zest, honey and vanilla.

Taste: Medium body, sweet but with a very good acidity to offset. Harmonious and persistent.

Behind the label: Between mistic and profane, Ottavo Giorno is referred to the days needed by the owner to create it. As God took 7 days to create the world, Enrico Sgorbati took one more to create this unique wine.
Ottavo Giorno has been also certified by Pope Francesco as a mass wine, have a sip and it will clear your sin.

Producer: Torre Fornello is a recent development from Emilia Romagna with ancient roots and a very long history.In 1998, Enrico Sgorbati started the renovation of the 15th century medieval “borgo”, and added a modern cellar equipped with the best modern technology for refining and ageing the wines in barrels located in the XVII century cellar.Only grapes harvested from their vineyards are vinified in Torre Fornello, the same vineyards which were already cultivated in 1600 for the production of grapes.

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